Trendseller Product Award
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1.30 | Trendseller Product Award

1st participation
Only exhibitors of the respective current IAW trade fair with their products are admitted to the competition. It can only products
be registered within the product categories of the IAW trade fair. A company can register several products for evaluation with the registration form.
Parallel to the online registration, two product photos and a sample are to be submitted. The patterns become short for the jury session
needed before the fair, the exact shipping address will be announced to the participants in good time. The submitted products should in particular be trend articles, which have potential for high sales figures. There are e.g. Innovation, originality, special feature, design and quality
of the product in the foreground. The contributions should not be on the market for more than three years at the time of filing, or in the year of
Award go into series production.

2. Legal bases
The jury meets in camera. The decision of the jury is valid, legal recourse is excluded. It will become
Jury decision no individual reasons given. The jury can award up to ten awards for the submitted entries. The
The decision of the jury will be announced at the IAW fair and the products will be presented at the fair. The participating companies will be
in consultation with the jury at the award ceremony, hold a short product presentation. Every excellent product is allowed to have the name and the
Logo "IAW Trendseller Product Award" wear and use for self-promotion and public relations.

3. Property rights
The products submitted must not infringe on the property rights of others (for example, trademarks, utility models, patents or similar rights). For
Damage, in particular claims of third parties arising from the violation of property rights, the exhibitor is liable. Liability on the part of
Organizer is excluded. Each participant undertakes to inform the Nordwestdeutsche Messegesellschaft Bremen-Hannover mbH
if litigation or copyright disputes related to the notified product are pending.

4. Insurance
The submitted products are to be insured against theft, fire, breakage or damage by the exhibitor himself. Liability by Nordwestdeutsche Messegesellschaft Bremen-Hannover mbH is excluded, unless there is intent or gross negligence on the part of the employees.
The return of the submitted articles takes place starting from 15.00 o'clock on the last day of the fair in the fair office. If these are not picked up by the exhibitor,
the project management decides on the whereabouts and use of the submitted samples.