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Stand rental at the IAW
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Row stand1 open side

99.5 € / m²

Corner stand2 open sides

109.5 € / m²

End stand3 open sides

119.5 € / m²

Block stand4 open sides

128.00 € / m²

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0.00plus VAT, where applicable

(The price quote covers stand space only, minimum size is 14 sqm. The actual stand, e.g. walls, booth, carpet. is NOT included! The price estimate DOES INCLUDE the marketing fee of 11.30 €/m² and the advance payment of 11.50 €/m² for technical services)
Further information on stand rental

Early booking discount: 10 % of the basic rent if the formal application forms are received by 04.07.2024

Advertising contribution: 11.30 €/m²
Advance payment for technical installations: 11.50 €/m²
The advance payment will be set off against the final amount due after the trade fair.

The fee for co-exhibitors of 300 € includes the following services: exhibitor passes, car park permits, guest-tickets, catalogue entry etc.

Marketing package for intensive advertising

  • Banner impressions, your banner prominently on the IAW website
  • Free* advert in the list of exhibitors at the IAW website
    (*ready to publish layout to be provided by the exhibitor)
  • Entry with company profile and logo in the list of exhibitors at the website
  • Digital visitor invitations for your customers, entrance fees included
  • Presentation of your product highlight or services live at the Trendforum or E-Commerce Arena
  • Generous refreshment service for exhibitors and their guests during the entire trade fair
  • Ample number of exhibitor passes, VIP cards, tickets for the exhibitor party and parking vouchers (according to stand size)

Hall plan for the IAW September 2024
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A PDF file of the hall plan (based on the preliminary allocation of stands for the IAW in September 2024 can be downloaded here.

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