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It’s tough on the market-place and the proliferation of online retailing and digitalization poses as many challenges as opportunities. Solutions can be found in the extensive forum program at the IAW. On each of the three days of the trade fair various experts in the field, including some big names, will be offering insights into the latest trends and developments, as well as advice and practical examples of how to succeed. The IAW thus offers added value to trade visitors and exhibitors.

On the first day the IAW Trendforum features Ulrich Eggert of Ulrich Eggert Consulting Köln, who will address the latest trends in online selling. His talk will focus on the new online presence of companies and the different forms and models for electronic buying and selling. Another recurrent issue is whether pricing is the key. “Is cheaper always better?” This question will be answered by the boss of Walgenbach GmbH, Elmar Fedderke, who will suggest how to calculate prices in a meaningful way that customers can accept and appreciate.
The moderator and presenter of the IAW Trendseller Product Awards that follow the first session of talks will be the popular German TV presenter and Shopping Channel expert Ralf Kühler.
On 23 September the zentrada Forum will deal with the daily challenges faced by many online traders: “Distribution costs and distribution processes – how to overcome the obstacles facing the mail order business”. Attendees will find that the program of discussions under the guidance of Martina Schimmel, chief editor of zentrada.magazin, has a very practical character. Various experts will advise wholesalers and retailers on how to develop and expand their mail order business.
One of the most popular events in the past has been the forum taking place on day three. This time Stefan Grimm, director of GKS GmbH, will open the Forum, which deals with e-Commerce. A highlight of the event will be the Power Session “Amazon – right on and successful!“ There could not be two better-informed speakers than Dipl. Kfm. Adrian Hotz, E-Commerce advisor to manufacturers, top brands and the trade, and Markus Fost, MBA, who will offer insights into the strategies that will help manufacturers, importers and retailers use Amazon to achieve their business goals.

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