The most important KPIs for your online store

Henry Ford once said: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, the problem is, I never know which half.” Those who still identify with this quotation today, however, have so far neglected the subject of tracking. There’s no need to worry, though! We’ll tell you how to get the most out of your […]

Influencer marketing in E-commerce: how to use it properly

Influencer marketing has been a big trend in online marketing for several years now. Similar to other online forms of advertising, such as search engine advertising, the target group can be addressed much more precisely and effectively than in classic media such as daily newspapers or television. At the same time, customers can be forwarded […]

E-commerce marketing: 9 helpful strategies

Retailing on the Internet has never been more attractive than it is today. In Germany alone, 50 of the country’s 83 million inhabitants shop online. But if you want to ride the wave of e-commerce success, you need a sophisticated marketing mix. In other words, you need a solid foundation, a marketing strategy that’s watertight, […]

Create a reporting: Data-driven conclusions for your online store

Setting up tracking software only makes sense if the right conclusions for long-term measures can be drawn from it. That’s why we’ll tell you how to build up a meaningful report from the data obtained. In general, a report serves to record findings that have been obtained based on a longer observation. In online marketing, […]

Embedding Google Analytics: E-commerce tracking

E-commerce tracking. When it comes to tracking, Google’s e-commerce tracking tools are now standard. Especially Google Analytics is indispensable in e-commerce if you want to track the relevant data view for your online marketing campaigns. Equally important is Google Search Console as well as Google Tag Manager. What sounds like a lot of effort is […]

FAQ on clearance items – influencing factors for newcomers and retailers

A set of questions on the subject of clearance items, providing a brief and concise summary of everything that’s important. What actually is a “clearance item”? What does “clearance item” mean? In the area of retail, clearance stocks of goods are generally referred to as clearance items. These items include products that will either be […]

Stocklots, special items and promotional goods – what are the differences?

You’re certain to have heard of the following terms: promotional goods, stocklots and special items. Despite this, the business with these goods is pretty much “hidden”, and takes place under the radar. To provide you with a basic overview and an introduction to this topic, however, in this article, we provide an explanation of the […]

The effects of Covid-19 on retail

In this article, we provide an outlook of the specific economic developments which will be of importance due to the ubiquitous coronavirus pandemic. This is not a scientific report, but our neutral and personal opinion with which we hope to be able to help and provide some food for thought in the current crisis. The […]

Why stationary retailers have to rethink their assortments

In order to survive in the market, stationary retailers will have to become more flexible, be more responsive to the wishes of their customers, change their product ranges more frequently, and stand out from the uniformity of offerings. By Martina Schimmel, zentrada-Manager In recent years, online retailing has significantly changed consumer behavior: Commodities are purchased […]

Performance marketing on websites like Amazon – What’s more profitable, cheap products or expensive ones?

The e-commerce sector is continuing to grow. Hardly any retailers can afford not to be active in this marketplace. And platforms such as Amazon Marketplace in particular make it really easy to offer products for sale. But the marketplaces are highly competitive. When it comes to sourcing new products, many retailers are asking themselves: Is […]