30th IAW Trade Fair, Cologne
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18 - 20 Sept. 2019
10 - 12 March 2020

Exhibitor Statements about the IAW-Trade Fair

Is there anything that can convince you more to participate than statements from satisfied fellow exhibitors? Read more about the experiences from other attendees and be inspired for your own presentation.

Famous Brands Logo

Ntaniella Tassiou, Sales Manager Famous Brands (CY)

“We are extremely pleased with the outcome of the trade fair. By contrast with an exclusive toys fair we were able to make diverse contacts here and were also impressed by the international cross-section of people we met.”

Mitou Logo

Matin Heydari, Account Executive, mitou (DE)

“Things here ran far more smoothly than we had expected. Wholesalers, online traders, even start-ups enjoyed some conditions for networking and a great ambiance. Usually we tend to take part in conventional e-commerce trade shows, but we are very satisfied with the IAW. We will definitely come here again.”

ProductIP Logo

Günter Uhl, CEO, ProductIP Deutschland GmbH (DE)

“Our clients acquainted us with the IAW a long time ago. We are generally satisfied although we got the impression that visitor numbers are down on previous years. In the halls here you can find many Amazon traders you would otherwise not see.”

BTB Logo

Yvonne Kost, Sales/Marketing, BTB (DE)

“We were expecting a bit more. We need big traders to sell our software tool and we encountered too many retailers for our purpose. Despite this we were able to conduct some very promising talks, so let’s wait and see what transpires.”

La Bolata Logo

Berto Perello, General Manager, LaBolata (ES)

“Three years ago I attended my first IAW as a buyer. Now I am here with our first stand and we are really impressed by the organization and the tremendous atmosphere. It is really great that the visitors come from all corners of the world and every target group.”


Ivo Cloots, Sales Area Manager Netherlands, edelman (NL)

“We were primarily here to sell surplus stock but also current lines. After the first day sales were so good it was clear to us that we would be back in 2019 bringing even more decorative products.”

Heib-Service Logo

Nicole Adolfs, Heib-Service e.K. (DE)

“We have been attending the IAW for five years and found this one better than the last. It is great when you can put a face to every sector – this is not unimportant when cultivating business relations. We use the trade fair as a kind of showroom as we do not actually have one of our own. It works perfectly. From the parking through to the stand itself, everything is brilliantly organized! And you do not find free catering at other trade shows.”

 Duif Logo

Marcel Duivenvoorden, Owner and Key Account Manager, DUIF International (NL)

“We have been coming to the IAW since 2013 and were again very pleased with the results. The combination of opportunities to cultivate existing clients and generate new business contacts is unique to the IAW. We have not met the kind of customers we encounter here at any other trade event that we have attended.”
“We are 100% certain that we will be back.”

Shaghafi Logo

Payam Shaghafi, Management, SHAGHAFI (DE)

“I rank among the first to exhibit at the IAW and the event has helped us make countless good contacts and follow-up business. The trade fair has helped us get numerous European customers.”

Ala Logo

Ornella Parisi, Ala S.r.l. (IT)

“Our customers have always asked us to take part in the IAW and this time we finally did so. Things went well, we made many new contacts and could develop networks, notably also in such countries as Poland, Bulgaria, the UK and Turkey. We would like to take part in the IAW again in 2019.”

ak tronic Logo

René Weinert, Head of Marketing & PR, ak tronics (DE)

“We were there with our stand to develop the returned stock and surplus merchandise segment and make an impression – and it worked really well. Numerous nations are represented at the IAW which we found very interesting. Beyond the usual kind of dealers on our books, we were able to meet exactly the type of partners we had hoped to find.”

bildo Logo

Anna Wader, Bildo (GR) [manfredwader.com]

“As a rule, we are more likely to be at the Nuremberg toy fair but here we found a completely new source of customers – for example, many online traders. Things went very well for us and we made a few international contacts, notably from Italy, Turkey and Greece. Actually, it went so well that we have decided to come back in 2019 but with an even bigger stand. The organization of the entire trade fair is excellent. Everything is very clean and the idea of free catering is excellent.”


Arthur Kaminski, Key Account Manager, EGLO (DE)

“We came here because it was recommended to us by some customers and are pleased that we have reached our minimal targets. We have registered some contacts from Algeria, Qatar, Malta, Iran and Lithuania but none of these placed orders. The trade show environment is very attractive and the concept behind the logistics is clever, benefiting visitors and exhibitors alike.”

Linder Exclusiv Logo

Uwe Linder, CEO, Linder Exclusiv GmbH (DE)

“The IAW has two unique characteristics: its diversity and international outreach. We came back after a two year absence and will be back again for the next autumn event. Outdoor, Camping and Garden are the areas in which customers are prepared to spend money. All in all, there is more interest in value.”

4everyware Logo

Bram Roels, 4Everyware Stocklots BV (NL)

“We’ve been coming here for ten years and every year it amazes. This year was no exception. We concluded some great deals and have made some top contacts. As one would expect from a German organizer – everything ran perfectly. We are definitely coming again in 2019.”


Marc Lichter, Sales Manager Germany, wikholmform (SE)

“We came here to sell our surplus stock as the IAW is known as a showcase for this type of merchandise. We were able to make numerous international contacts from Iraq, the Netherlands, Russia, Mongolia, India and other countries. The supporting program looked really interesting. Unfortunately I had to stay at our stand but I was able to listen in with one ear! There was an extremely big mix of customers from online dealers, florists, dispensaries, buyers from DIY and building supply stores, and more besides.”

gründl Logo

Jörg Menzel, head of regional sales, Max Gründl GmbH (DE)

 “With the IAW there is always an element of see and be seen – the whole sector can be found here. After participating in this trade show for more than eight years the IAW is almost like a family gathering for us.”

House of Rustic Logo

Troels Thomsen, House of Rustic ApS (DK)

“I was expecting a bit more from the IAW. I am not sure that this type of event is right for us – or for making money here, so I probably will not attend again, however in terms of the organization and product diversity I was very impressed.”

Gunz Logo

Udo Wagenbach, Field sales, GUNZ (AT)

“Due to in-house considerations we were unable to take part for two years but we are very pleased to be back at the IAW which, once again, met all our expectations. It is as simple as making an appearance here, and you find yourself meeting completely new clients and talking business. Licensed products and merchandise is definitely a growth segment”

Widmann Logo

Widmann SRL, Charles Dulles, Head of Export & Business Development (IT)

“A customer of ours recommended that we come here and we’re very satisfied with the outcome. The organization is excellent and the trade show will help us expand our customer base, especially in Germany.”

michel toys Logo

mt (michel toys Handels GmbH), Lutz Biermanski, Head of Sales (DE)

“Because the IAW attracts such an international mix it’s possible to meet the kind of new customers you wouldn’t normally expect to come across.”

“Our business is increasingly shifting away from the bargain-priced sector to core product ranges.”

Händlerbund Logo

Händlerbund, Carolin Früh, Business Development Manager (DE)

“The IAW was a big success for us. I think it was very good that the e-commerce sector was represented with its own display area and program of talks. We support online traders in their efforts to professionalize their business, and e-commerce is absolutely essential for success. During the trade show we were, in particular, able to clarify various legal issues relating to the new data security legislation in Germany.” 


Groupe Malo International, Laurent Chaouat, Managing director (FR)

"This was our first appearance here and we are completely satisfied. Our company already has a strong presence on the French market, but thanks to the IAW we were finally able to acquire international customers. We are looking forward to the next event and will be booking a stand twice as large."

Cutlope Logo

Cutlope GmbH, Thilo Krause, Managing director (DE)

"As a new start-up we had visited the trade fair twice to have a look around, and this time we were here as new exhibitors. Naturally we are delighted to have won 1st place in the IAW Trendseller Product Award, and our overall impression of the event was excellent. We are 100 % certain that we will be back next time and with a bigger stand."

“The international mix represented at the IAW was most impressive. We had visitors at our stand from the Netherlands, England, the Czech Republic, Russia, Bulgaria and even from Egypt.”

FoodFinders.nl Logo

FoodFinders.nl, Olaf Peters (NL)

“At the start things moved fairly slowly but if only three of the enquiries become actual orders, that would be really good. In terms of the calibre of the visitors, we are really satisfied.”

"The IAW is very international. We met customers from Russia, Dubai, Iran, in fact from the whole world, including wholesalers, buyers from supermarkets and even a supplier from South Africa."

Osma Werm Logo

OSMA Werm GmbH, Andreas Ritschel (DE)

“Our business is very export-oriented, so we greatly appreciated the international profile of the IAW. We were able to get many new customers, especially in Eastern Europe.”

Ramanco Logo

Ramanco, Ali Slewane, Managing Director (DE)

“It appears to us that the number of visitors has declined but fortunately that had no effect on business at our stand. We are satisfied with the number of contacts we made.”

“We have picked up business and grown from one fair to the next, thereby increasing the size of our regular customer base.”


Hans Overtoom, Head of Sales, Interbosch BV (NL)

"The IAW offers excellent organization and the opportunity to meet lots of business leads and partners from Germany and across Europe, which is very important to us. Cologne is a great location for our business sector. We have been coming here for about ten years and always look forward to it. Elsewhere one would perhaps give a sample to a potential customer, whereas here we take direct orders from buyers."


Vitor Teixeira, Export Manager, Jobitex (PT)

"This is our first time at the IAW and we are delighted by the outcome. We were able to meet many good-quality contacts from very many countries, including Eastern Europe – among them some interesting customers from Lithuania. The organization of the trade fair was great and the entire team is amazing. We were made to feel really welcome."


Günay Inkaya, Export Manager, Forbest/LEVA house (TR)

"We learned about the IAW from the Internet and were impressed by the positive experiences reported there. Now we are here ourselves and similarly enthused by the customers we've met and the organization. Kerstin Manke always found time to help us! As manufacturers we are pleased to see so many importers here. Our products are made entirely in Turkey, not in China. That is something customers notice and increasingly favour. We are looking forward to coming back here in the spring."


Remco Riemersma, AZET Trading B.V. (NL)

"Four trade fairs ago and we were still attending as visitors but since then we have been an eager exhibitor and our stand gets bigger every time. One of the key benefits of the IAW is that it does not have a narrow specialized customer base but attracts people from every segment."


Hans-Jürgen Nausch, Head of Business Development & Indirect Channels, Checkpoint Systems GmbH (DE)

"We are completely satisfied with the level of interest among potential customers and the number of orders actually placed. There was keen interest among German customers, but we also had many buyers at our stand from the Benelux countries and the UK."


Metin Boz, Tec & Tec GmbH (DE)

"The IAW does not restrict itself to a specific segment but has something for everyone and every sector. This meant our diverse product range, crossing different segments, attracted new customers for us from Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands."


Vikas Kakar, Managing Director, Fuji Enviromax (GB)

"Companies must act more responsibly. We have reached a point where consumers are more prepared to pay a higher price for more ecological benefits. It is possible to earn good money with eco-friendly batteries. The decision was made long ago – we'll be back here in 2018.”

Se.Com. Group Logo

Marco Massa, Se.Com. Group S.p.A. (IT)

"We are very pleased to be here in Cologne and finally reach regions where we had not previously operated - for example, Poland, Estonia and some other parts of northern Europe. We have attended trade fairs in Paris and Dubai, but for us the IAW in Cologne is by far the best”

Tallon Logo

Chris Holmes, Tallon International Limited (UK)

“It was a great trade fair, much better than we could have imagined – we had not expected such a broad range of customers.”

Gift Company Logo

Dominik Kahn, Gift Company (DE)

“The IAW trade fair doesn’t just revolve around postal items – high-quality trending items and promotional products are also really well demonstrated.”

Schildgen Handelshaus GmbH Logo

Norbert Schildgen, Schildgen Handelshaus GmbH (DE)

“We have already tried out other trade fair venues, but the IAW is simply the fair that we want to present ourselves at.”

PM Euro-Trading GmbH Logo

Peter Marx, Euro-Trading GmbH (DE)

“For us, the IAW pays off every year, time and time again.”

Laltex and Company Ltd Logo

Kevin Brough, Laltex and Company Ltd. (UK)

“We are thrilled with the broad spectrum of enquiries and new contacts.”

 Muddastadt GmbH Logo

Frank Beckmann, Muddastadt GmbH (DE)

“The layout and organisation of the fair is brilliant.”

Royalty line Logo

Nicolas Van den Berghe, Royalty Line B.S.D Trade BVBA (BE)

“We met a great deal of interesting people and did good business.”


Charles Peeters, Hahebo (NL)

„We generate at least 25 percent of our new contacts at the IAW. In addition, we always receive a large number of orders.“

United Brands logo

Andrew Greenaway, United Brands Ltd. (UK)

“The IAW was well attended and generated a lot of potential business. We will definitely come again!“


Jörg Buschmann, PLAST 1 Vertriebs GmbH (DE)

“We can make a big impact at the IAW. We are able to showcase the entire breadth of our product portfolio, and this makes us very successful among both our regular and new customers.”

Topbrands Europe logo

 Tim Schmidt, Topbrands Europe BV (NL)

“Our presentation at the IAW was once again really worth-while. The large numbers and quality of the customers again secured us some great sales.”


Tomasz Otrembski, Eurocosmetics (PL)

“We are really happy with the IAW. We received lots of enquiries and were able to make many new contacts.“

Gunz logo

Werner Gunz, Gunz Warenhandels GmbH (AT)

“From day one we felt very happy with the event. We took many orders and were also able to make new contacts.”

Vinnemeier Textil und Schuhimport Logo

Meinhard Vinnemeier, Vinnemeier GmbH (DE)

“For us the IAW is the highlight of the season. This was confirmed again this time, starting with the first day, which was super. We were kept busy with visitors coming to the stand right to the end.”


Ventura Pales, Arte Regal Import (ES)

“We always invite our German customers to meet us here in Cologne. This is simply the ideal platform for showcasing our product range to best effect.”

Kaufmann Neuheiten

Jürgen Heinkelein, Head of Sales
Kaufmann Neuheiten GmbH

“We were extremely pleased to have won the Trendseller Product-Award. We have already been approached about it on countless occasions and will definitely be using this trade prize in our marketing activities. Sales of Sack ‚n‘ Seat will definitely get another boost.”


Bertil Wessels, Sales Manager
Edco Eindhoven B.V.

“The trade fair was a success for us: we were able to cultivate relations with existing contacts, while also getting plenty of new leads.”


Andrew Coxhead
Sales Manager Rayburn Trading

“The trade fair has such a high level of international participation. We are very pleased with our first-ever appearance here at the IAW in Cologne, and made some good contacts.”


Carsten Wedekind, Head of Marketing
Krüger und Gregoriades

“This trade fair continues to meet the high standards and expectations it sets itself. We were able to gain many new customers, including some very interesting big clients.”


Marcus Dauth
Cepewa GmbH

“Once again, we were able to achieve some very good sales and are more than satisfied with this result. We will definitely be back the next time round.”


Bart Vermeire
Fornord Import – Distribution

“Overall, we can draw a positive balance on the event. Good business deals, good sales, good contacts.”


Henk olde Monnikhof

“We exhibited here for the first time and are very pleased with the way the fair went for us. The trade audience showed a lot of interest in our products, so we’re looking forward to the prospect of returning next autumn.”

Koopman International

Marcel Lampe
Sales Koopmann International B.V.

“As always, the IAW provided us with a great platform for showcasing our products. The first day of the fair was especially lucrative.”

Nathan Blecher

Nathan Blecher
Bergner Europe GmbH

“In short: brilliant in all respects!”

Alin Niscon

Alin Niscon
Managing Director of Allview

 “As we are launching our tablet PCs on the German market, the IAW was very important to us as a showcase for new products. The trade visitors seemed genuinely interested in our products and were particularly impressed by the quality standards and technology we deliver.

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