30. IAW Messe in Köln
Werbung IAW Ticketorder

18. - 20. Sept. 2019
10. - 12. März 2020

Stand examples IAW Special

A trade fair stand at the IAW is a wise investment that soon pays off. The high-calibre trade audience and the attractive supporting program easily justify the cost of the low priced stand rental rates. New exhibitors will only pay a very low surcharge to the stand rental and the stand assembly is already included in the rental price together with many other benefits to be derived from exhibiting at the IAW.

Zinest sro, Eckstand, 21 qm TOYSTrade, Eckstand, 24 qm Easy Licences, Eckstand, 18 qm BIP, Reihenstand, 16 qm Rahmenlos, Eckstand, 20 qm United Coffee, Reihenstand, 18 qm Takasho, Eckstand, 22 qm

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